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@The Heart of Communities

We live side by side every day, yet we may not engage meaningfully with those outside our immediate circle of family and friends.

How can schools turn some of these fleeting interactions into sustainable connections, to foster respect, understanding and, eventually, celebrate diversity?

Community cohesion is what must happen in all communities to enable different groups of people to get on well together. This project places students as change makers @The Heart of Communities. We want them to be involved in the cohesion process by participating in conversation and influencing the outcome.

At HEC, we developed a model for this which proved to be successful across Tower Hamlets (2016-2018) and we are keen to develop it with secondary schools, across communities with differing needs, sensitivities and cultures across Spain, Italy, Finland and Turkey and enhance our model through transnational cooperation.

HEC are working with 4 European partner schools on this project, running from Sept 2018 until March 2021:

Centre Integrat Públic de Formació Professional Misericòrdia, Valencia, Spain

DeM Deneyimsel Eğitim Merkezi, Istanbul, Turkey

Hangö Gymnasium, Hango, Finland

Istituto Statale Don Lorenzo Milani, Bari, Italy

DECEMBER |  Our 1st Transnational Project Meeting took place, 7 – 9 December in London.

We gathered as a team to work on our project, covering a variety of topics and learning from each other!

@ The Heart of Communities focuses on Learner Led Active Citizenship Initiatives for Community Cohesion.


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