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Climate Change – Teaching about

Climate Change
Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher

What is a climate change?
A very useful resource for reliable facts and figures related to climate change, with further sections on Why is our climate changing? And Impacts.

Arctic Defenders
Set in the dramatic and alluring landscape of the north, Arctic Defenders tells the remarkable story that began in1968 with a radical Inuit movement that changed the political landscape forever.…

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Clothes – Teaching about

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher

Labour Behind the Label
Labour behind the label campaigns for workers’ rights in the clothing industry. They support garment workers around the world to improve working conditions. Labour behind the label lobbies multinational companies and raises awareness directly with consumers to understand where the clothes they are wearing came from and under what conditions the products were made.…

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Energy – Teaching about…

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher

Catlin Arctic Survey
The team undertakes expeditions to do systematic monitoring through ice cores, etc of the decreasing thickness of arctic ice as a result of climate change and global warming.  Their education programme is directed at schools – to with lots of new material on global warming/geo-physical evidence of climate change.…

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Health – Teaching about…

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher

Hands on Health
This resource real-world case studies from Oxfam’s work with Indigenous communities in Australia and overseas and has learning activities to engage students on issues of Australian and global health and human development.  Good for adult background reading.…

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Healthy Living Ghana

Healthy Living Ghana: growing, cooking, playing…

Growing…. maize (sweetcorn)


Maize likes to grow in a position with plenty of sun, so obviously grows really well in Ghana, as the photo shows.

Sowing and planting:

Start the plants off in April.  Normally plants are raised in a heated greenhouse or on a windowsill.…

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Healthy Living UK

Healthy Living UK: growing, cooking, playing…

A series of lessons encompassing the healthy living themes of growing, cooking and playing – all with a UK theme.  Could be useful to compare and contrast with the same themes from a Ghanaian perspective in the previous scheme of work.  You could exchange this work with a school partnership in Ghana.   


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Refugees – Teaching about…

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher 

10 truths about Europe’s migrant crisis

Guardian Online:

British ministers including Theresa May and Philip Hammond have made hair-raising claims about the dangers of migrants entering the country. But do the facts bear them out?  An extended version of the news in numbers, on a refugees and migrant theme.…

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Trade – Teaching about…

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher

80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World
Book ISBN: 9780956718549  £17.50   DVD £17.50
This popular development education resource was first produced in the early 1980s. It has now been completely revised and updated for its 6th edition.  Its title reflects the fact that over 80% of the world’s population lives in the “Developing World” and less than 20% lives in the “Developed World”, but consumes far more of the world’s resources.…

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Transport – Teaching about…

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher


Mapping Worlds calls itself “a data visualisation and interface design company with a love for maps”. It is based in Amsterdam and works with organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to make data accessible to different audiences.  SHOW®/World is a Mapping Worlds initiative to provide efficient and comprehensive access to statistical data on world issues.…

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