Global Learning London


Sankofa is our exciting new digital storytelling project in collaboration with Cumbria DEC, SOSNA from Slovakia, and SEVER from the Czech Republic. Over the course of two years, we will be working with schools across our three countries to combine traditional storytelling techniques with digital technologies to explore local to global themes.…

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Creative Communties | Third Year

We are delighted to share that Tower Hamlets Council will be supporting us in our Community Cohesion Project for a third year!

A really exciting opportunity has developed this year – we were successful in our application for Erasmus+ funds and we will be running the project across Spain, Italy, Finland, and Turkey, enhancing our model through international cooperation. …

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Tower Hamlets Linking Project

At HEC Global Learning Centre we are excited to be linking schools from contrasting settings in our Tower Hamlets Schools Linking Project.

With an ever-increasing number of children from diverse backgrounds and with special needs arriving to our borough, this project provides an opportunity for continued professional development through school linking.…

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@The Heart of Communities

We live side by side every day, yet we may not engage meaningfully with those outside our immediate circle of family and friends.

How can schools turn some of these fleeting interactions into sustainable connections, to foster respect, understanding and, eventually, celebrate diversity?…

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