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Trade – Activities

Activities Quick, little preparation required

‘Fair Exchange is no robbery’
Introduce the concept of ‘fair exchange’.  This proverbial saying goes back to Medieval times and means that swapping one thing fairly for another is not an issue for injustice or exploitation.  Research the saying and ask learners to write their own interpretation or illustrate the saying.

Quick research: Fair Trade
Ask learners to find out the meaning of the term Fair Trade and to find examples of the FT logo and find out when FT fortnight is held each year.   

Fair Trade chocolate tasting!
Hold a blind tasting session of Fair Trade chocolate v ordinary chocolate.  See which one the learners prefer and ask them if they change their minds when the blindfold is off.  This is a good activity to round off the study of Fair Trade and can be the prompt for some very interesting discussions around how we judge consumer products, what people are willing to pay for fairness and quality of products.

Design a poster
Design a poster advertising a Fair Trade product and display these in the classroom.  Again, this makes a very good activity once the children are familiar with the way Fair Trade works, the benefits to producers and pros and cons of FT.

Quick Maths: Fair Trade v Non Fair Trade
Provide a collection of FT products and non FT products labelled with their prices eg some FT tea and non-FT tea.  Ask learners to compare the prices and present the differences as percentages and then again as ratios or fractions.  What does this tell us about the price comparison?  What implications does this have for household budgets?  Especially when money is tight?  This can lead to a discussion about approaching the issues of Fair Trade in a non-judgemental way.