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Trade – Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning


Literacy, Language and Communication
Pupils present, dramatise, debate and discuss learning on the theme of trade and fairtrade, taking into account wider perspectives including those around sustainability and carbon footprints;

Select and use appropriate register to communicate about issues after a study, e.g.

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Trade – Activities

Activities Quick, little preparation required

‘Fair Exchange is no robbery’
Introduce the concept of ‘fair exchange’.  This proverbial saying goes back to Medieval times and means that swapping one thing fairly for another is not an issue for injustice or exploitation.  Research the saying and ask learners to write their own interpretation or illustrate the saying.…

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Trade – Learning about…

Learning about….Resources and web-links for the classroom

World on your Feet
This set of lessons for primary Geography (Year 6 – ages 10-11) uses the methodologies of Philosophy for Children and Community of Enquiry to explore the stories behind trainers.  A wide range of issues are covered, starting from what makes a good trainer, making promotional leaflets, and gradually finding out about the trainers available locally and where they come from.…

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Trade – Teaching about…

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher

80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World
Book ISBN: 9780956718549  £17.50   DVD £17.50
This popular development education resource was first produced in the early 1980s. It has now been completely revised and updated for its 6th edition.  Its title reflects the fact that over 80% of the world’s population lives in the “Developing World” and less than 20% lives in the “Developed World”, but consumes far more of the world’s resources.…

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