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10 truths about Europe’s migrant crisis

Guardian Online:

British ministers including Theresa May and Philip Hammond have made hair-raising claims about the dangers of migrants entering the country. But do the facts bear them out?  An extended version of the news in numbers, on a refugees and migrant theme.

The State of the World Atlas

£14.99 ISBN: 9781780261218

This book, published by New Internationalist, features over 50 thematic world maps which graphically analyse every key indicator and vital statistic of modern life, from wealth and power, war and peace through to rights, health and the environment.  Some of the maps from this book have been turned into infographics, which could be used in the classroom. These can be viewed on New Internationalist’s Pinterest site

No Nonsense Guides – International Migration £6.99 / £7.99

This series of guides from New Internationalist focuses on a number of topical issues in the world today, including International Migration, and provides a pocket sized reference point for key concepts. The books are unique in how they place today’s issues into a historical context.

New Internationalist Magazine

£39.85 annual subscription

New Internationalist Magazine is produced by an independent trust working as a not-for-profit cooperative. It is published ten times a year and sets out to explain and inform, giving readers the essentials of a subject in a concise, easy-to-read format.

Doc Academy

This website aims to bring documentaries into UK secondary schools. It features clips from a range of excellent documentary films exploring many different social and global issues, including global migration and refugees.  There are detailed lesson plans accompanying the clips.  Also, useful viewing for teachers seeking background information.