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Oxfam Education, Food for Thought

Linked to Oxfam’s GROW campaign, the Food for Thought school resources are a set of downloadable resources to get young people learning, thinking and taking action for a fairer food system.

The Geography Collective, Mission: Explore Food
Over 150 illustrated learning activities inside this zany book all about food, for example: Decorate a pizza like planet Earth, then make, cook and eat it. (Mission ID: 3550).  Fun starter activities introduce a serious intention to explore the global issues surrounding the topic of food.  Suitable for young people and adults of all ages, with chapters on growing, harvesting, cooking, eating, waste and soil.
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Guess the country where dishes are from (PPT)
A simple visual quiz designed for KS3 involving guessing the country where the dishes are from (PPT).

Global Literacy for a Fairer World
This pack helps teachers to challenge myths about development, food security, trade, environment and poverty issues through their teaching.  An introductory chapter has 10 generic global activities based on three broad themes: global thinking, critical thinking and how to take action.  There are then three themed chapters, the first of which is about Food and Trade.  Each chapter has 10 lessons, based on sessions that are approximately 50-60 minutes long. Most lessons are stand alone lessons, but some are linked together.

If the world were a village of 100 people
A powerful conceptualisation of global data in a manageable form, which could be used as an introduction or a synoptic tool. Food related pages include 20 people under-nourished and 15 over-weight people in the village of 100.  A good resource to engage critical thinking where sources and data can be closely scrutinised and the emerging questions often provide excellent learning points.

Many different versions exist:
Book: If The World Were A Village (second edition) by David J Smith and Shelagh Armstrong
Websites: 100 People
Miniature Earth
Infographic poster: Miniature Earth