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Food – Activities

Activities: Quick, little preparation required

Quick maths activity

In England for every farmer under the age of 35, there are ten over the age of 65; a ratio that has more than doubled since 1995.  In 1995 40% of farmers were under 35 years old and in 2015 this figure reduced to 10%.  There are approximately 534 000 farmers working on England’s farms and this figure has remained stable for quite some time.  How many of these are under 35 years old now?  How many were under 35 in 1995?  What does this mean for the farming industry?

Where is your food from? 

Assemble a bag of food items that show the country of origin.  Ask learners to choose an item and find where it was grown or made.  The information can be recorded on a map of the world with sticky dots – perhaps using different colours for different categories of food stuffs eg. green for fruit and vegetables, red for tinned food etc.

Food miles

Following on from the previous activity ask learners to calculate the miles travelled by their food item.  They need to know the country of origin and the scale of the map used.

How healthy is you food?

For packaged food items, ask learners to look for the nutritional values.  This should be printed in a grid, possibly showing the values for a range of criteria, including calories (kcal), energy, protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre, sodium (salt) and sugar. For unpackaged items ask learners to research the health benefits of this food on-line, eg. is it one of your ‘five a day’? Ask learners to consider how healthy the food item is, taking into account what they have found out.

Make your own!

Ask learners to research (or make up) a recipe of healthy ingredients and unprocessed food items only. This could include fruit or vegetables, rice, lentils, nuts, meat, fish – anything that is just as nature made it