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Curriculum Ideas

Here you will find a wealth of global learning curriculum ideas for a variety of topics, commonly taught in schools.  You can access these materials in two ways:

– click on one of the curriculum areas, such as Literacy, language and communication, and you will find the ideas for that curriculum area for all the topics listed on the right.

– click on a topic, such as Climate Change and you will get all the curriculum area ideas for that topic.

Literacy, Language and Communication

Knowledge and Understanding
of the World



Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education

Mathematical, Scientific and Technical

For each topic, such as Climate Change, you will find a set of materials to support you at different levels:

  • 5 quick and easy ideas for the classroom, which require no or little preparation, for a range of age groups
  • 5 more involved lesson plans, schemes of work or projects, again for a range of age groups
  • 5 classroom resource web-links, most of which a free to access
  • 5 resources and web-links for the teacher, or other adult, to support a deeper understanding of the topic.

Learning About … is a series of leaflets providing information on every day topics in the classroom such as Food, Water and Energy. In addition to provide information each leaflet includes a rationale for teaching the topic from a global perspective, critical thinking and a curriculum overview.

Click on the names of the themes to download your PDF version

Climate Change








Waste & Recycling


Millennium Development Goals