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Fair’s Fair
This cross-curricular teaching pack for ages 9-14 brings alive the concepts of human rights, equality and fairness by telling the stories of people who make sports goods in poorer countries, often working with few rights, and for poverty wages.

Global Learning and Clothes (requires log-in)
Provides ideas and information for ways to use the topic of ‘clothes’ to teach and learn about the global dimension. It is suitable for Key Stages 2-3 (ages 7-14), but the extension activities and pointers to other resources mean that it can be adapted to suit other ages and stages as well.

The Olympics and Sweatshops
This free resource from the campaigning charity War on Want aims to engage school students on global issues surrounding the London Olympic Games in 2012.  Although that time has passed, this resource has much that remains relevant when teaching about the global issues to do with clothes.

Cotton’s journey
An American site, which covers the cotton ‘story’ – history, growing, harvesting, spinning and weaving.

Step into her Trainers (secondary)
Teaching resources about sportswear and Olympic merchandise supply chains.  Step Into Her Trainers contains 10 ready to use activities for helping young people critically consider who makes the clothes and sporting merchandise they buy, and what can be done to improve their rights.  The resource is aimed at KS4 and A-level, with curriculum links for fashion and textiles courses, citizenship and geography, but is easily adaptable for other age ranges and subjects.  Also linked to the Unfair Factory on-line game