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Climate Change – Teaching about

Climate Change
Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher

What is a climate change?
A very useful resource for reliable facts and figures related to climate change, with further sections on Why is our climate changing? And Impacts.

Arctic Defenders
Set in the dramatic and alluring landscape of the north, Arctic Defenders tells the remarkable story that began in1968 with a radical Inuit movement that changed the political landscape forever. It lead to the largest land claim in western civilization, orchestrated by young visionary Inuit with a dream – the governance of their territory – the creation of Nunavut. The story reveals Canada’s misguided attempts at sovereignty in the north and finds hope and inspiration from determined people who changed the rules of the game.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
The latest detailed research and studies on changes in our worldwide climate

Global learning in the science national curricula – Practical Action
These documents show how global learning can be linked to the different science curricula in the UK and give examples of Practical Action’s teaching resources and other materials that can be used to support delivering science lessons. This is useful background information for science teachers at Key Stages 2 and 3 seeking ways to bring global issues into their teaching.

State of the World Atlas
ISBN: 9781780261218 Reprint year: 2014
This book, published by New Internationalist, features over 50 thematic world maps which graphically analyse every key indicator and vital statistic of modern life, from wealth and power, war and peace through to rights, health and the environment. Six themes include Who we are; War and Peace; Health; Planet; Wealth and Poverty and Rights. Some of the maps from this book have been turned into infographics, which could be used in the classroom available at: