Global Learning London


HEC has a range of training offers around Global Learning topics. Our Associates have a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to enthuse and enlighten teachers, and to enliven schools.

Philosophy for Children

Philosophy for Children, Level 1 with Certificate

Philosophy for children is a process of critical thinking with students, which enhances self-esteem, speaking and listening and thinking skills.

HEC has developed and been trialling Philosophy for Children sessions with a Global Learning focus in schools.…

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CARE – Compassionate and Restorative Education

Gain support for your school’s teachers, pupils and communities in a compassionate and restorative educational approach to aid transition, recovery and learning following COVID-19

Our partners at CDEC have developed CARE – Compassionate and Restorative Education, which is a new training course and toolkit, in response to the challenges schools are facing at the moment as a direct result of COVID-19.…

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