Global Learning London

Tower Hamlets Schools Linking Project

At HEC Global Learning Centre we are excited to be linking mainstream schools with special schools in our Tower Hamlets Schools Linking Project.

With an ever-increasing number of children with special needs arriving to our borough, this project provides an opportunity for continued professional development through school linking. By skilling up teachers who work in schools that integrate children’s diverse needs and abilities, we will send the message that everyone has something to offer when they are enabled, rather than disabled.

The project is structured around one teacher training afternoon each  term -to inspire ideas, lay down frameworks, and instigate deep, adult-level thinking around educating for inclusion.

The delivery will broaden children’s understanding and relationships through valuing diversity in our community by linking with a contrasting local school. Our proven support framework for teachers will be on hand throughout the year to ensure children’s meetings are joyful, equitable and meaningful.

Multiple classes can join the project from each school.

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