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BSBT Special Schools Project

This exciting project for special schools involves partnering like-minded schools in East London and the East Midlands, towards enabling children to spend time getting to know themselves and others, through sharing stories, games & activities.

The aims of our project are:

• To work with special school teachers and students to tackle the themes of identity,
diversity and belonging.
• To build special school students’ life skills in order to build resilience to extremist messaging.

• To provide CPD for special school teachers to build skills, knowledge and

• To enable face-to-face meetings of special school students beyond their peer groups
and in contrasting settings.

• To facilitate learning communities of teachers to produce replicable classroom
materials on building resilience and countering extremist narratives for vulnerable
special needs students.

Multiple classes can join the project from each school.

Interested to find out more? Please contact us!

Email Kalsuma at

The BSBT Special Schools Project is free for all schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets Library Services.