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Waste – Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning

Waste and Re-cycling

Literacy, Language and Communication
debate the issue of waste and how the world’s richest people produce the most waste, giving well-structured descriptions and explanations for different purposes, including expressing feelings;

read fiction books to discuss issues of waste and the environment, e.g.

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Waste – Activities

Activities: Quick, little preparation required

Story time! 

Read The Paper Bag Prince by Colin Thompson (Red Fox Picture Books) to your class.  Follow this reading with a class discussion about the issues of rubbish and waste.

Quick maths activity 

Plastic bags take 1 second to make, are used an average for 20 minutes and take over 100 years to degrade. …

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Waste – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects 

Research Fairphones!

Carry out a class web research project into the Fairphone (www.fairphonecom) Learners can work in teams and also hone their co-operation and communication skills.  Ask the teams to find out the features the phone offers and compare this with a standard mobile phone. …

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Waste – Learning about

Learning about….Resources and web-links for the classroom

Plastics Challenge
Practical Action has developed this great set of teaching resources for pupils aged 8-14 years, challenging them to develop solutions to the problems caused by plastic waste globally. As well as investigating the properties, chemistry and life-cycle of plastics, and the problem of plastic waste, pupils also find out about the experiences of waste collectors in Nepal, explore how bio-plastic is made, and create their own recycled plastic products.

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