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Clothes – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Cotton facts
Set the class a research project on the production of cotton.  This everyday material can hold some real surprises. You could use the following questions to guide the research:

What is cotton?…

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Energy – Teacher ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Energy reduction: re-use, reduce, recycle
Ask the children to tell you about recycling.  Explain to them that recycling has three parts called the 3 Rs – re-use, reduce and recycle.  Explain these terms using the following as a guide:

Re-use: before you throw items away, think how they can be reused.…

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Food – Teacher Ideas

Teacher Ideas
: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Starting points
As a starting point for a topic on Food you could begin by asking the following questions in a class discussion or Philosophy 4 Children session.

Do you know which country your food was grown in?…

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Health – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Research Project: Global Health

Carry out a pupil-led research project in your class into the topic of global health. Ask learners to research on the internet and look for case studies and information about global health programmes, such as the fight against Malaria.  Ask them to consider how the Millennium Development Goals have helped in terms of better health for all, and to consider things that have not improved and why.  How will the Sustainable Development Goals help going into the future from 2015?…

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Refugees – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Case study: Farhad’s Story

Share the following case study with your learners. A historic case study has been chosen on purpose, so learners’ minds are not clouded by current media coverage.

Farhad was a boy of 5 when the war in Afghanistan intensified in 1991.  His parents fled Afghanistan for Pakistan.  Farhad works as an office boy in a small computer shop.  He says:

‘I was very young when I came to Pakistan but I still have a vivid memory of our house in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

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Transport – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Transport and schooling – case studies and research led learning
Improvements in roads and transport services generally have significant positive effects on school attendance.  In Morocco in the early 1990’s a paved road in the community more than doubled girls’ school attendance rates from 21% to 48% and raised boys attendance rates from 58% to 76%.  Share this example with students and set a research project to find more recent examples of improved transportation links leading to increased school attendance.  Debate the implication of this development and explore the consequences for communities in different parts of the world.  Encourage critical engagement with the findings of the research projects and inquiring and questioning minds in your students – for example, what might be the benefits and disadvantages of such developments?…

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Waste – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects 

Research Fairphones!

Carry out a class web research project into the Fairphone (www.fairphonecom) Learners can work in teams and also hone their co-operation and communication skills.  Ask the teams to find out the features the phone offers and compare this with a standard mobile phone.  Delve into the thinking behind the production of this phone.  What makes it different?  Why do the Fairphone company consider those things to be important?  Ask each team to produce a review and consider the advantages and limiting factors of purchasing a Fairphone.…

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Water – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Using Water Aid Case Studies
In groups or as a class, record answers to the following questions (you could make this more active by having flip chart sheets around the room that pupils can go and write their answers on):

What have you done so far today – before you got to school?…

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