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schoolcouncilsThinking of developing your School Council?

All the help you need to set up a school council in your school. The links below offer ideas and activities to help you:

Why have a school council?

“School councils and class councils…can be a most excellent training ground in responsibility for future citizens [and are] an obvious sign that a school takes citizenship seriously.” Professor Bernard Crick, Chair of the Advisory Group on Citizenship

Research shows that School Councils work to reduce pupil exclusions and promote inclusion through a whole range of complementary policies and strategies.

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School Councils

An effective School Council is likely to:

be enshrined in the school ethos and have the full support of the whole school community; be supported by a structure used throughout the school in all classes, which provides all children with the opportunity for participation, contribution and consultation, such as Class Councils or Circle Time;…

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School Council Constitution

Produce your own constitution for your School Council by selecting any of the possible rules and procedures below and then pressing submit.

Add your own statements if you wish and these may then be placed on the list so other schools can choose them.…

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School Council Roles

There are number of important roles on every School Council. Find out what these are and discover if one of them just right for you.

Discussion Starters

‘Discussion Starters’

To get your School council discussion started and begin to think globally…

Discussion starters are any pictures, photographs, drawings, quotes, newspaper articles in fact anything you can bring along to your school council to raise an issue and get a discussion started.…

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Drama Ideas

Drama is a brilliant and effective way for School Councils to looking at and discuss issues that affect you, your school, your community and the wider world. But I can’t act! You don’t have to be a wonderful actor to take part in these exercises.…

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