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Storytelling and P4C (Philosophy for Children) COVID19 Resources

With COVID19 throwing up all sorts of big questions for us and our children, at HEC, we’re talking about the pandemic in a different way, and we’re inviting children and their families, learners and their teachers to join the conversation.

HEC is releasing short vignettes using the wisdom of stories, old and new, accompanied by questions to make some sense out of the situation – for ourselves and for our children about how we are living on this earth.  The content is available on HEC’s You Tube channel.

Catch up on the story of Tiddalik here:

Part one – youtu


Part two –

Part three –

We are keen for this content to have as wide a reach as possible, particularly to families who are most isolated and/or vulnerable. If you know of any parent groups on WhatsApp or other platforms for whom this content may be welcome, please let us know so that we can continue to spread the word and share the love!

‘We need to start supporting our children through using things like stories… and I think this [initiative] is great’.
Joe Howard, Assistant Headteacher
Elizabeth Selby Primary School in Tower Hamlets

Exploring the  Curriculum through Contemporary Arab Arts

Our new resource, Exploring the National Curriculum through Contemporary Arab Arts is now out!

This resource, created with The Arab British Centre, celebrates the contemporary cultural production of Arab artists in all its diversity.

It references the works of today’s cultural producers to challenge the assumption that the peak of cultural production has been and gone. For many Arab artists, a vibrant, productive scene is alive and well.
If not in the day-to-day, it lives in their hearts and their imaginations, and it translates into their strikingly beautiful, highly critical, tremendously relevant works.

Please download it, here.


 The Shahnameh Box

This wonderful resources explores The Phoenix of Persia and the Shahnameh as part of a wider introduction to the culture and heritage of Iran with activities on history, art, music, drama, geography and more.

These resources complement the creation of The Shahnameh Box – available  for free to loan only to schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services.

For more info, please visit:

For any questions, please contact:

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Creative Communities Handbook:  Every Child Cares

Our Community Cohesion project Creative Communities culminated in a Handbook for schools  implementing Community Cohesion.  A copy of the handbook is available for all schools in Tower Hamlets!

Please get your handbook, here:  Creative Communities Handbook


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This is my Dream:  Tower Hamlets Creative Writing Competition

In this second year of our Creative Writing Link between schools in Tower Hamlets (London) and Syria, our focus has been on the human capacity to dream of a better world. Using conceptual triggers around Children’s Rights and convention-trumping writing techniques, our children thought about each other and their future together. This dual language anthology captures some of the writing born out of the two countries in the process.


Out of Place / Far from Here:  A Creative Writing Anthology from Tower Hamlets to Syria

Out of Place / Far from Here was our pilot project with the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service, extending their annual creative writing competition to children in Syria. The project resulted in bi-lingual Arabic-English digital and print publications for and by children. The print publication is a collation of the winning contributions from both the Syrian and British cohorts. As an accompaniment to our Learning About Refugees resource to engaging pupils in a process of reading, discussing, interpreting and analysing the contributions of their counterparts, using tried and tested Global Learning methodology.