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Exploring the  Curriculum through Contemporary Arab Arts

Our new resource, Exploring the National Curriculum through Contemporary Arab Arts is now out!

This resource, created with The Arab British Centre, celebrates the contemporary cultural production of Arab artists in all its diversity.

It references the works of today’s cultural producers to challenge the assumption that the peak of cultural production has been and gone. For many Arab artists, a vibrant, productive scene is alive and well.
If not in the day-to-day, it lives in their hearts and their imaginations, and it translates into their strikingly beautiful, highly critical, tremendously relevant works.

Please download it, here.


 The Shahnameh Box

This wonderful resources explores The Phoenix of Persia and the Shahnameh as part of a wider introduction to the culture and heritage of Iran with activities on history, art, music, drama, geography and more.

These resources complement the creation of The Shahnameh Box – available  for free to loan only to schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services.

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Creative Communities Handbook:  Every Child Cares

Our Community Cohesion project Creative Communities culminated in a Handbook for schools  implementing Community Cohesion.  A copy of the handbook is available for all schools in Tower Hamlets!

Please get your handbook, here:  Creative Communities Handbook


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This is my Dream:  Tower Hamlets Creative Writing Competition

In this second year of our Creative Writing Link between schools in Tower Hamlets (London) and Syria, our focus has been on the human capacity to dream of a better world. Using conceptual triggers around Children’s Rights and convention-trumping writing techniques, our children thought about each other and their future together. This dual language anthology captures some of the writing born out of the two countries in the process.


Out of Place / Far from Here:  A Creative Writing Anthology from Tower Hamlets to Syria

Out of Place / Far from Here was our pilot project with the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service, extending their annual creative writing competition to children in Syria. The project resulted in bi-lingual Arabic-English digital and print publications for and by children. The print publication is a collation of the winning contributions from both the Syrian and British cohorts. As an accompaniment to our Learning About Refugees resource to engaging pupils in a process of reading, discussing, interpreting and analysing the contributions of their counterparts, using tried and tested Global Learning methodology.

Social Enterprise Guide

This user-friendly Social Enterprise Guide is for anyone interested in the creation of a social enterprise that is owned, run and supported by their school community. The guide outlines the process, step-by-step to enable young students and their teachers to replicate the social enterprise model. The guide introduces entrepreneurial skills and business ethics to young people and explores the co-operative values necessary for the success of the social enterprise, providing operating guidelines, critical model steps and procedures for identification of potential school community members, participation criteria in the social enterprise model and sustainability factors for the model to succeed.

The guide was developed in collaboration between the HEC Global Learning Centre, London and the Uganda Co-operative Alliance (UCA) who provided support and valuable information that led to successful completion of this manuscript. Download now.


P4C Box – £500

Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service P4C resource boxes.

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a powerful methodology that is being increasingly adopted by schools to engage young minds in a community of enquiry. It is a process that encourages children and young people to ask big questions, and to engage in critical conversations with no easy answers.

These boxes are an excellent resource for instigating and enriching philosophical enquiry in the classroom. They include storybooks, picture books, ready-made activities and adult-level literature to inspire and invigorate teacher practice.

Teachers can select a box from any of the following themes: Values, Environment, Gender, Community Cohesion, Justice, Rights.

The boxes were compiled by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our accredited P4C trainer and a wealth of resources from the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service.  Order yours now.



Talking Time and Place: A Guide to Oral History and Place Based Learning

 – £4.99

Everybody has a history, but often, unless we are famous, we don’t think our history is important. This is especially so for children and young people. Expressing our own lives in our own words, we become the subject of our own histories rather than the object of other people’s research. This is an empowering process and young people should have the opportunity to do this.   Interviewing older people enables them to find out about other lives, the history of where they live and how things have changed.

This Guide encourages students to put themselves on the map; to look at the things they value or want to change, their fears, hopes and dreams. The challenges facing the world involve all of us wherever we live. In our increasingly globalised world the earth’s resources and wealth are not shared sustainably or justly. Growing poverty and reduced access to the basic essentials of life is the daily reality for many people on the planet, but this does not have to be the future, we can all do something to reduce global inequality and the effects of climate change. Order yours now.

playonthelinePlay on the Line – a global home-made toy making project – £9.99

HEC’s Play on the Line global toy-making project was based around promoting parental involvement in the making of and playing with toys with their children.

This project comes out of our Play on the Line non-fiction big book which is based around the right to play. The purpose of the toys project is to focus on how creating and playing with home-made toys supports the development of children’s learning, manual dexterity, imagination, cooperation and interaction with adults both in the UK and Southern countries.

The home-made toys were created from everyday items, found all over the world that are normally thrown away, such as plastic bottles. The outcome of the project is Global Toy Boxes for loan to Tower Hamlets schools which will contain examples of toys made from everyday objects that are played with by young children from Bangladesh, Gambia, Guatemala, Lebanon, Palestine and refugees from Western Sahara.

This is accompanied by a booklet of information compiled from interviews with parents from these communities, and here in Tower Hamlets, about the similarities and differences between the toys children make and play with today and those that they used to play with as children.

If you would like to borrow the toys or get a FREE copy of our (big book sized) Play on the Line book find out more about the Play on the Line home-made toys project, please contact us. P&P applies.

locococoLocoCoco – £9.99

A board game with supporting activities and information, introducing issues relating to trade, debt and rights of the child. A1-sized folded poster, two booklets, twenty-two A4- size sheets, counters and dice. Designed especially for 9 to 90 year olds. Order one now…


bengalboxBengal Box – £500

The Bengal Box is part of a Tower Hamlets funded project for all schools which explores the links between Bengal, the British Empire and Tower Hamlets. The project was inspired by the British Museum’s successful Voices of Bengal season in autumn 2006.

The box contains a collection of pictures and documents, some examples of the spices and fabrics that were traded, a facsimile of images from the British Museum’s Gazi scroll, maps and information booklets, a briefing leaflet on Fair Trade and the East India Company, a timeline covering the period 1400 to the present day and other notes, teachers’ notes and other information.

The Bengal Box was created by HEC to support the study of history and citizenship from the perspective of ideas about social justice and human rights, diversity and interdependence and the other key concepts of development education.