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Quality or quantity: how do we know it’s working?

Quality and QuantityHow do you know if our global work or our international linking is enhancing pupils’ open-mindedness and helping them to form a balanced view of the world?

HEC Global Learning Centre, London with sister organisations RISC in Reading and partners across the EU and in Ethiopia were interested in answering this. The starting point of this EC funded project, Quality or Quantity, was the existing practical toolkit, How do We Know It’s Working, developed by RISC and their networks of Global Schools.

The intention of the resource, published in 2008, was to assess the impact of Global Citizenship teaching on pupils’ attitudes and values. Aware that there were gaps, and that the resource was very UK focused, RISC worked with partners in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland and Ethiopia, as well as sister organisations in the DEC network, to devise new innovative activities to use in any classroom. To ensure their relevance across countries and across curricula, the work was led by networks of teachers who evaluated existing activities and developed new ones relating to diversity, human rights, sustainability, interdependence and peace and conflict.

qandq-forpostThe outcome was this excellent publication available free online here Every activity is accompanied by at least one case study to answer the “what next?” question. In the case studies teachers describe the attitudes unearthed with the audits and how they tailored their teaching to broaden their pupils thinking.

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