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Creative Girls Link

Creative Girls InviteA three day participatory theatre project for Muslim and Jewish girls, drawing inspiration from and critically engage with female figures from Islamic /Judaic scripture and tradition and considering their relevance to society today.

In collaboration with Three Faiths Forum and The Muju Crew, HEC delivered this pilot project linking Muslim and Jewish girls to exchange and create work together using creative tools. An inherent part of the theatre project was engaging in play, lowering boundaries, gaining confidence of expression, sharing stories, emboldening aspirations and changing perceptions. Over the course of three days, the girls explored strong female figures from Islamic and Judaic scripture and tradition, providing an opportunity to share ideas connected to faith and identity and what that means to them as young women in the world today.

Fellow students, friends, and families from Muslim and Jewish communities were brought together, in some cases for the first time, as audience to a performance sharing, followed by a discussion.