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Snapshots from the Borders

There is a Europe-wide campaign to make the 3rd of October the European Day of Memory and Welcome.

This date was chosen in remembrance of the day a boat capsized off the coast of Lampedusa in 2013, killing 366 children, women and men.…

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Tafahum, our Erasmus+ funded project, brings young people together with policy makers to bring about a re-commitment to co-creating a safe, collaborative, shared community that is inclusive for long-term residents and new arrivals.

The year-long project asks:

What changes would you like to see in your community?

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Kindred spirits – Time to talk

Time to Talk captures the year-long journey of 21 schools in London and the East Midlands that teamed up to ask the question, ‘What are British Values?” From rural Derbyshire to urban London, what do these children have in common, and what is distinct about their lives?…

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Start the Change

HEC is part of the EU-funded Start the Change project. In collaboration with partners from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, we worked with teachers and school students to develop an active citizenship model that enables young people to take informed action to enable safer communities.

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The Heartstone Odyssey

‘The Heartstone Odyssey’ project follows out of the book which is centred on a female heroine, Chandra, and documents her quest to overcome intolerance, prejudice and racism in collaboration with her allies – the mice.

The project described here was for school children in Years 5,6 and 7.…

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This is My Dream

A creative writing link between children in Tower Hamlets and Syria

This is My Dream is the second year of our creative writing link with Syria. The project’s  vision is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in schools in London for new arrivals, as well as providing a platform for children in Syria to tell their story to an empathic audience.…

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African Garden Days

African Garden Days

In collaboration with Send A Cow, HEC offers primary schools the chance to experience a fantastic hands-on day, combining classroom sessions with an outdoor challenge to create a global kitchen garden, or rose garden, within the school grounds.…

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Kindred Spirits – Shared Values

A year-long school linking project exploring British Values with criticality and integrity With British Values high on school agendas, schools across the country are expected to demonstrate that they are implementing this aspect of values education throughout
the curriculum.

At HEC Global Learning Centre, we are conscious that teaching British Values in a simplistic way can be highly problematic, so we run an established project involving national-level links between primary and special schools in London and the East Midlands building on our expertise in the field of development education.…

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Out of Place / Far from Here

A creative writing project between children in Tower Hamlets and Syria

Out of Place / Far from Here was a pilot project with a vision to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in schools in London for new arrivals, as well as providing a platform for children in Syria to tell their story to an empathic audience.…

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Angel of Poplar

On 13 June, 1917, Upper North School (now Mayflower Primary School) was bombed. A centenary of the event was held on 15th June, to remember 18 children who lost their lives.

Over the past year, HEC Global Learning Centre has been working with schools in Poplar and beyond to think together about the causes of conflict, how we can live together and what constitutes constructive peace.…

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Creative Communities | One Community, One Heart

Community Cohesion project for School Councils in Tower Hamlets

This project funded by Tower Hamlets aims to develop community cohesion projects in primary and secondary schools and their communities across Tower Hamlets during the 2017/18 academic year.

Free training for teachers and students will enable school councils to pursue projects that engage communities through the lens of the UN’s ‘Global Goals’, taking action at a local level for issues that interest and motivate their students and school communities.…

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