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Storytelling to Change the World

Storytelling to Change the World – 13 October (1-5pm), Brady Arts Centre

HEC will be taking part in Journey to Justice’s practical training day for teachers and youth workers keen to encourage their young people to become involved in action for change. Our session, ‘Storytelling to Change the World’, will be run by storyteller and activist Alia Alzougbi.

Here is a description of her session:

Stories are living, breathing beasts that change and warp with the teller and their audience. Join Syrian storyteller and activist Alia Alzougbi in this interactive workshop where participants will play with tips and tools to twist traditional tales into stories that reflect on the big issues of our world today. No papers and pens needed, only sharpened tongues.

The training day is part of the run up to their exhibition on untold stories of the US Civil Rights Movement linked to struggles for justice in the UK on display throughout December at the Rich Mix in Shoreditch. The aim of the day is to focus on the use of history, the arts of protest and understanding social change in order to inspire and empower people to take action for social justice.  

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