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Philosophy for Children

Philosophy for Children, Level 1 with Certificate at the London International Development Centre

Philosophy for children is a process of critical thinking with students, which enhances self-esteem, speaking and listening and thinking skills.

HEC has developed and been trialling Philosophy for Children sessions with a Global Learning focus in schools.…

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HEC AGM – 20 October 2016

HEC AGM – 20 October (4.30-6pm) Tower Hamlets PDC, Room 107

Join us for the launch of Out of Place / Far from Here, an Arabic-English anthology of creative writing by children in Tower Hamlets and Syria using the power of the pen to respond to the Refugee crisis.…

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Storytelling to Change the World

Storytelling to Change the World – 13 October (1-5pm), Brady Arts Centre

HEC will be taking part in Journey to Justice’s practical training day for teachers and youth workers keen to encourage their young people to become involved in action for change.…

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