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Tower Hamlets Linking Project

At HEC Global Learning Centre we are excited to be linking schools from contrasting settings in our Tower Hamlets Schools Linking Project.

With an ever-increasing number of children from diverse backgrounds and with special needs arriving to our borough, this project provides an opportunity for continued professional development through school linking. By skilling up teachers who work in schools that integrate children’s diverse needs and abilities, we will send the message that everyone has something to offer when they are enabled.

The delivery will broaden children’s understanding and relationships through valuing diversity in our community by linking with a contrasting local school. Our proven support framework for teachers will be on hand throughout the year to ensure children’s meetings are joyful, equitable and meaningful.


NOVEMBER 2018 | Teachers from all participating schools gathered for a training afternoon.  The purpose was to establish the approach that will be taken and to prepare co-ordinators to run all aspects of the project.



MARCH 2019  | Our schools linked by the project, got the chance to meet each other at our neutral venue visits.  The visits took place at Rich Mix. After exchanging pictures and cards, they had the opportunity of getting to know each other and learning about the differences and similarities between their schools.

MARCH 2019  |  We had our second CPD. Teachers had the chance to share the work of your children as well as learning about resources and ideas for joint activities.  They also learned a bit more about The Linking Netwok, as their Co-Director, Linda Cowie came to our session.


MAY 2019  |  Teachers from participating schools gathered for CPD3.  We introduced the use of digital storytelling, based on the SDGs, to empower children to take action for a better world.

This links the project with our Erasmus+ funded, Sankofa.

We also shared perfect resources available at the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services.

JULY 2019  |  Our Linking Project schools rounded off a first year of project activity by visiting each others schools for the day.  In their linked pairs each class experienced being hosts and guests in turn.

Feedback from link teachers is that these visits were very enjoyable and have really brought the work to life:

“The Phoenix School pupils have really enjoyed the opportunity to go into 3B, the children have been very welcoming, there are nice workstations for our children and the trips have been fantastic”.

Project Teacher


Plans are in place to continue the links next year and extend our curriculum work by engaging in story-telling in digital world classroom activities when we weave the Sankofa project into our work together.

OCTOBER 2019  |  As we embarked upon a second year of the project, schools gathered for our termly training afternoon. We welcomed back established project schools and some schools new to the project in equal measure.

This school year our linked classes will build on identity, diversity and belonging classroom work with a focus of Story-telling for the Digital Age. The Global Goals will be at the heart of our endeavours of story-telling for a better world.



DECEMBER 2019  |  The work of this project was featured at our Annual General Meeting.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Danny Hassell, Labour Councillor for Bromley South Ward in Tower Hamlets and Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young People.

He shared his thoughts about the project on his Twitter account, @dannyhassell.





The following schools will be part of the Tower Hamlets Schools Linking Project:

Beatrice Tate School
Ben Johnson Primary School
Buttercup Primary School
Elizabeth Selby Infant School
Harbinger Primary School
Lansbury Lawrence Primary School
Marner Primary School
Morpeth School
Phoenix Primary and Secondary School
Smithy Street Primary School
St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary School
St Saviour’s CE Primary School
William Davis Primary School

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The Tower Hamlets Schools Linking Project is free for all schools subscribed to the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Services.