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Our Tafahum project has kicked off!

Tafahum, our Erasmus+ funded project, brings young people together with policy makers to bring about a re-commitment to co-creating a safe, collaborative, shared community that is inclusive for long-term residents and new arrivals.

The year-long project asks:

What changes would you like to see in your community?

We are using a unique blend of intensive one to one work, group work and challenging problem solving and reflection activities, to support structured dialogue through the mediums of film, photography, art and drama.

‘Tafahum’,  is an Arabic work which means ‘mutual understanding.’ We take this further to mean, ‘mutual understanding which leads to a change of mind, and change of heart,’ We have chosen this Arabic word to best represent what we feel is close of the hearts of  new arrivals to Tower Hamlets – to be heard, and to belong.

The project runs January 2018-2019.

If your need additional information regarding the project, please contact: