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Kindred Spirits – Shared Values

A year-long school linking project exploring British Values with criticality and integrity

With British Values high on school agendas, schools across the country are expected to demonstrate that they are implementing this aspect of values education throughout the curriculum.

At HEC Global Learning Centre, we are conscious that teaching British Values in a simplistic way can be highly problematic, so we have developed a new project involving national-level links between primary schools in London and the East Midlands building on our expertise in the field of development education.

The project has been running successfully since 2015, earning it mentions in Outstanding Ofsted reports.

Commended in three ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Reports!

Thomas Buxton, Virginia, North Cockerington

Each participating school will get the following support:

  • Partnering up with a like-minded school in another part of the country with similar desired outcomes as you
  • A local half-day training session at the beginning of each term to establish the approach that will be taken and to prepare a co-ordinator to run the project in your school
  • On-going email and telephone support
  • Tailored classroom resources for each terms activities
  • Impact and evaluation activities and reflection built in from the outset.

Supports British Values, Global Learning and Literacy

Each term will address a different theme, building knowledge, experience and confidence to tackle Values issues:

  • Term One: Getting to Know You An exploration of shared & distinct values focusing on Identity & Belonging
  • Term Two: Sharing Values in Action A term of work on global learning themes generated through books and stories
  • Term Three: Making our own stories A creative digital output by the children and community engagement.

Free to eligible schools on the Global Learning Programme.

This project was conceived by HEC Associate Linda Barker, who is also project lead.

Interested in finding out more or registering your school?

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