Global Learning London

Creative Communties | Third Year

We are delighted to share that Tower Hamlets Council will be supporting us in our Community Cohesion Project for a third year!

A really exciting opportunity has developed this year – we were successful in our application for Erasmus+ funds and we will be running the project across Spain, Italy, Finland and Turkey, enhancing our model through international cooperation.  The project will allow us to involve your students in the cohesion process by participating in conversation and influencing outcomes. In fact, the idea is for students to actively lead some of the training sessions.

This year’s training offers new peer-to-peer learning opportunities while working with the EU Partner countries. This will include virtual linking across the countries and opportunities for TH pupils to showcase their work across the partner countries.

The project will train students to strengthen their local community projects that engage local organisations as well as providing your students with  friendly training materials to share and cascade their learning with the rest of student body / School Council to develop critical thinking skills and pupil voice.

Teachers will be part of a training workshop on ‘Using the Global Goals with your school council’ and will build their knowledge and competence using the goals as a methodology for addressing complex global issues in their classroom practice, alongside teachers from EU partner countries. 

The following schools will be participating on the Tower Hamlets Communitiy Cohesion Project 2019 – 2020:

Al Mizan Primary

Elizabeth Selby Infants’ School

Marner Primary School

St. Luke’s C.E. Primary School

Thomas Buxton Primary School

Virgina Primary School

William Davis Primary School