Global Learning London

Angel of Poplar

angelofpoplar-postOn 13 June, 1917, Upper North School (now Mayflower Primary School) was bombed. A centenary of the event will be held on the very same day in 2017, to remember 18 children who lost their lives.

HEC Global Learning Centre is delivering a year-long project for primary schools in Poplar to explore their local history from the lens of peace and conflict resolution. The project is an opportunity to thicken the thread that ties our ancestors trials with our own fates, supporting children to develop the critical thinking and research skills to explore, understand and learn from their past, to live better together.

Informed by their learning, the children will work with a professional outdoor theatre company to devise their contribution to the centenary event. Their presence at the event will not be a tokenistic, light-touch affair, but a deep and meaningful intervention that sustains a vision for peace and co-existence for years to come.