Global Learning London


Development Education Research Centre

Research Paper No.1

Global Dimension In Secondary Schools
Douglas Bourn and Frances Hunt

Research Paper No.2

Young People and International Development:
Engagement and Learning

Douglas Bourn and Kate Brown

Research Paper No.3

Geography and Development:
Development education in schools and the part played by geography teachers

David Lambert and John Morgan

Research Paper No.4

Global learning and subject knowledge
Douglas Bourn

Research Paper No.5

Evaluating partners in development:
Contribution of international school partnerships to education and development

Douglas Bourn and Olga Cara

Research Paper No.6

International school partnerships:
Contribution to improving quality of education for rural schools in Uganda

Douglas Bourn and Madeline Bain

Research Paper No.7

Learning about Development at A-Level
Gill Miller, Elizabeth Bowes, Douglas Bourn
and Juan Miquel Castro

Research Paper No.8

The ‘Aston-Makunduchi partnership’:
South-North School Link – In-depth Case Study

Alison Leonard

Research Paper No.9

Global Learning In Primary Schools In England:
Practices And Impacts

Frances Hunt

Research Paper No.1
School linking – where next? Partnership models between schools in Europe and Africa
Douglas Bourn and Olga Cara

Research Paper No.11

The Theory and Practice of Global Learning
Douglas Bourn

Research Paper No.12

School Linking and Global Learning – Teachers’ Reflections
Douglas Bourn

Research Paper No.12

Supporting whole school approaches to global learning: focusing learning and mapping impact
Frances Hunt and Richard P. King

North South School Partnership Toolkit:
Charting the influence of partnership in the South Toolkit

Dr Karen Edge, Mayowa Olatoye, Dr Doug Bourn, Keren Frayman