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Mapping Worlds calls itself “a data visualisation and interface design company with a love for maps”. It is based in Amsterdam and works with organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to make data accessible to different audiences.  SHOW®/World is a Mapping Worlds initiative to provide efficient and comprehensive access to statistical data on world issues. You select a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map change their size. Instead of land mass, the size of each country represents the data for that subject – both its share of the total and absolute value. The menu is divided into five categories: people, planet, business, politics and living, each with their own sub-menu, thus encompassing a range of global issues. Each map provides information on where the data has come from, as well as suggestions for further reading. This is a great resource for source materials to plan lessons or to provide for pupil research projects.

Practical Answers

Practical Action’s ‘Practical Answers’ website has a range of downloadable Technical Briefs – free fact-sheets about appropriate technology in a wide range of areas, including Transport.

Fair Miles

ISBN: 978-1843697619

This little book from Oxfam and the International Institute for Environment and Development delves into the realities of the produce trade between Africa and the UK, examining both sides of the equation to help your search for an ‘ethically balanced’ diet. It talks in terms of ‘fair miles’ rather than ‘food miles’. It is very clearly written and colourfully laid-out, with easy-to-understand charts and diagrams and provides good background reading for teachers.

State of Green – Denmark

The website of a collective of Danish companies and organisations that are at the forefront of green technology and knowhow, State of Green is a gateway to their solutions and to Danish green policies.  Plenty of source material and ideas as background reading for teachers, with a particular focus on sustainable transportation.

Practical Action

A series of case studies of how sustainable and appropriate transport solutions can help transform lives.