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Transport – Curriculum planning


Literacy, Language and Communication
Pupils investigate non-fiction texts about transport and consider the wide range of transport types across the worldPupils debate and discuss transport and its benefits and problems, and debate and write about theiropinions, explaining their points of view;

Pupils research the benefits of a Walk to School initiative or other effective ways to reduce their ‘transport footprint’.…

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Transport – Activities

Activities: Quick, little preparation required

Modes of transport
Ask learners to think of a range of different modes of transport.  This could include cars, buses, the Tube, trains, ships, airplanes, walking, bicycles, skateboards, tricycles, scooters etc.  Explain what fossil fuels are (oil based products such as petrol, diesel etc which release carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere contributing to climate change.) Ask the children to work in small groups to sort the types of transport into two piles: transport that requires fossil fuels and transport that does not require fossil fuel.…

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Transport – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Transport and schooling – case studies and research led learning
Improvements in roads and transport services generally have significant positive effects on school attendance.  In Morocco in the early 1990’s a paved road in the community more than doubled girls’ school attendance rates from 21% to 48% and raised boys attendance rates from 58% to 76%.  Share this example with students and set a research project to find more recent examples of improved transportation links leading to increased school attendance.  Debate the implication of this development and explore the consequences for communities in different parts of the world.  Encourage critical engagement with the findings of the research projects and inquiring and questioning minds in your students – for example, what might be the benefits and disadvantages of such developments?…

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Transport – Teaching about…

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher


Mapping Worlds calls itself “a data visualisation and interface design company with a love for maps”. It is based in Amsterdam and works with organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to make data accessible to different audiences.  SHOW®/World is a Mapping Worlds initiative to provide efficient and comprehensive access to statistical data on world issues.…

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