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Refugees – Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning


Literacy, Language and Communication
Through the study of texts such as The Colour of Home or The Arrival, children are able to empathise with the experiences of refugees;

Investigate media news stories discussing refugee and immigration issues from multiple perspectives;

Recognising the importance of all languages for personal and community identity of language and language learning, promoting its use and development.

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Refugees – Activities

Activities: Quick, little preparation required

Note to teachers: This is a powerful theme that for some class members can have personal resonance – either for themselves or within current or previous generations of their families.  It is important that this is recognised and it may need to be acknowledged during the study of this theme.…

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Refugees – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Case study: Farhad’s Story

Share the following case study with your learners. A historic case study has been chosen on purpose, so learners’ minds are not clouded by current media coverage.

Farhad was a boy of 5 when the war in Afghanistan intensified in 1991. 

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