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Health – Activities

Activities: Quick, little preparation required

What do we mean by the term healthy?  Ask learners to discuss this question in pairs.  Ask them to write down their main ideas in a sentence and join another pair to compare their ideas.  After some discussion share the following definition in an age appropriate way: ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’  World Health Organisation.

Class discussion: what is well-being?
Ask learners to build on the discussions about what it is to be healthy by exploring the term ‘well-being’.  When do they feel well and happy?  Do they have a special time or place that helps them feel good.  Research meanings on the internet and look up dictionary definitions.  Come to an agreement as a class on what is meant by ‘well-being’.

Healthy or unhealthy?
Pack a re-useable canvas supermarket bag with a selection of healthy and unhealthy food stuffs.  In small groups ask learners (in turn) to unpack the bag and put items in three piles: Healthy, Unhealthy, Don’t know.  Ask each group to make a list of their results and display these in a prominent place.  Have a class discussion about everyone’s lists and the aspects of healthy and unhealthy foods identified.

Count your steps!
Ask learners to count their steps in a single day (or provide step counters).  Compare and contrast results – you could present the data mathematically, for example in a bar chart.  Discuss whether your results are average or above or below average.  What can you do to improve?

Hold an assembly for World Health Day – 7 April
Visit for ideas.  Scroll down for World Health Day.