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Health – Curriculum Planning

Curriculum planning


Literacy, Language and Communication
Pupils select and read non-fiction texts on health and medicine and present their learning in various oral and written forms, using the appropriate register to communicate, e.g. persuasive texts to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables or to exercise more, or role-play e.g.

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Health – Activities

Activities: Quick, little preparation required

What do we mean by the term healthy?  Ask learners to discuss this question in pairs.  Ask them to write down their main ideas in a sentence and join another pair to compare their ideas.…

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Health – Teacher Ideas

Activities: lesson plans, schemes of work and projects

Research Project: Global Health

Carry out a pupil-led research project in your class into the topic of global health. Ask learners to research on the internet and look for case studies and information about global health programmes, such as the fight against Malaria. …

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Health – Learning about…

Learning about….Resources and web-links for the classroom

Food for Life
A network of schools and communities across England committed to transforming food culture in the interests of health.  “Together we will revolutionise school meals, reconnect young people with farms and inspire families to cook and grow food”.…

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Health – Teaching about…

Teaching about….Resources and web-links for the teacher

Hands on Health
This resource real-world case studies from Oxfam’s work with Indigenous communities in Australia and overseas and has learning activities to engage students on issues of Australian and global health and human development. …

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Healthy Living Ghana

Healthy Living Ghana: growing, cooking, playing…

Growing…. maize (sweetcorn)


Maize likes to grow in a position with plenty of sun, so obviously grows really well in Ghana, as the photo shows.

Sowing and planting:

Start the plants off in April. …

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Healthy Living UK

Healthy Living UK: growing, cooking, playing…

A series of lessons encompassing the healthy living themes of growing, cooking and playing – all with a UK theme.  Could be useful to compare and contrast with the same themes from a Ghanaian perspective in the previous scheme of work. …

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