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Practical Action, Power for the World

Working in teams pupils explore issues around renewable energy in the developing world and build their own wind turbines.  Through an interactive starter activity pupils discover how energy access via the National Grid differs between their own country and Kenya.  They look at renewable energy solutions and in the main activity have the opportunity to design and build their own wind turbine.


Think Global, Light and Light Technologies – photo-teaching resource (requires log-in) )

The theme of Light is pertinent because the year 2015 has been designated International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies by the United Nations.  Light is the ultimate source of life and energy for most living things on Earth. Our increased understanding of light and the electro-magnetic spectrum has resulted in important steps forward in development. This resource features 33 photos covering a wide range of light-related topics, with suggestions for teaching and learning activities, plus links to further information. Addresses the following different categories, which link to different Key Stage 2 and 3 curriculum subjects (ages 7-14): Light and Global Development: solar power and energy poverty (Design & Technology, Geography, Science); Light in Nature: midnight sun, aurorae, eclipse, weather, iridescence, photosynthesis, bioluminescence (Art & Design, D&T, Geography, Science); Light Science and Technology: sundial, lighthouse, prism, kaleidoscope, fibre optics, LASERs (Computing, D&T, History, Science); Light and Culture: festivals, fireworks, fire, shadow puppets, city lights, the Earth at night (Art & Design, Drama, History, RE, Science).

I am a Scientist, Electricity Distribution Debate Kit

The aim of this debate kit is to show students just how complex the issue of electricity distribution is, and to encourage them to reflect and explore some of the main ethical, social and political issues surrounding this topic. Sign up to receive a free hard copy of the kit.

Practical Action, Renewable Energy resources set

Innovative free teaching resources on renewable energy suitable for KS2 – 5.  Material draws from Practical Action’s renewable energy work in developing countries around the world.   Resources include posters, complete lessons, hands on challenges and homework or extension activities.

Mark Weegmann, Power Politics

In today’s global society it is vital that young people have the opportunity to develop an understanding of their international context, and to engage meaningfully with the key contemporary issues, such as sustainable resource management and climate change and its impact on people’s lives in distant parts of the world.  The Power Politics project has created new development education materials to meet this need, working closely with five schools in Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City and partnering with two schools in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Pupils and teachers have been at the heart of developing the new materials, creating films and comic strips to bring to life the differences and similarities in their day to day lives, and to provoke debate and discussion about the opportunities and challenges that living alongside the oil and gas industry can bring.  The learning materials in this pack were produced as part of a three-year project funded by the European Union to raise awareness of development issues, specifically the Millennium Development Goals.