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About HEC

muju-41HEC Global Learning Centre, based in London, promotes the values, aims and principles of global learning through all areas of education. Working to support schools in Tower Hamlets and across London, we work collaboratively and as a part of wider networks to develop global learning in schools and communities.

What is Global Learning?

Global Learning (or global dimension, or Global Citizenship) is concerned with exploring power relationships, inequalities and the interconnections between people and places around the world. It asks us to consider these relationships, inequalities, similarities and differences that exist around our world today and relate these to our own lives. It is not an ‘additional subject’ to cram into an overcrowded curriculum but goes to the heart of what education is for

HEC Global Learning Centre has developed a framework for helping schools engage in an ongoing process of developing global learning across the whole school.

What we do

photo-9Over the past two decades HEC has been involved in many projects and partnerships relating to local and global learning.

As part of our work across London, we engage schools in National Curriculum requirements through the lens of global learning. We have developed Learning in a Global Context, a framework through which schools can develop the global dimension through a practical toolkit, training, input into curriculum planning and access to a wide range of resources. We are also working with partners around issues of sustainability and exploring the challenges and opportunities of school linking.

Who we are

Alia Al Zougbi
Alia is Head of the HEC Global Learning Centre and is among the core teaching staff at the British Museum. Her background as a social anthropologist and an artist-educator is in using theatre and performance tools to engage schools and communities in critical conversation around global issues, leading to activism through cultural production.…

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Our Management Committee

We are supported by a talented and diverse group of people:

Doug Bourn,

Sheila Tucker,

Ros Wade,

Jane Connolly,

Sue Crane,

Gillian Harris,

Nusrat Ahmed,

Marie Maxwell.…

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